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Apr 26 Aprilfest Endurance (Apr 26, 2014-Apr 27, 2014)
SATURDAY, APRIL 26, 2014 14 mi/22 km or 7...
May 11 Queens Bush Training Ride (May 11, 2014-May 11, 2014)
A great way to explore long distance riding. A...
May 17 Cayuse Canter (May 17, 2014-May 18, 2014)
Come ride with us in the Ganaraska Forest May...
Jun 08 Coates Creek Clinic and Training Ride (Jun 08, 2014-Jun 08, 2014)
8 km, 16 km, 24 km (5/10/15 miles) training...
Jun 21 Summer Solstice Rides & Clinic (Jun 21, 2014-Jun 22, 2014)
Educational Lectures & Demonstrations...

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