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Readers of THE PULSE love to hear your stories; funny, serious or anything in between! What was your most interesting experience in an OCTRA event? The editor appreciates receiving your stories either on 3 1/2" disc, or e-mail in text, Word, or WordPerfect format, but gladly accepts them typewritten or neatly printed by fax or snail mail! Send your stories!

How To

Distance Riding Primer
Preventing Dehydration in the Endurance Horse Gayle Ecker
Recognition and Management of Fluid and Electrolyte Changes in Equine Athletes Arthur B. King DVM
Guidelines for Performing the Vet Check on Your Horse Arthur B. King DVM
I Was a Beginner Once Too! (All you wanted to know about a Competitive Trail Ride and were afraid to ask) Di Regendanz
Books on Long Distance Riding Deanna Ramsay
How To Go Long Distance Painlessly Nancy Beacon
A Long Distance Riding Primer Kathy Blocksdorf
Glossary of Long Distance Riding Terms
Conditioning Schedule Nancy Beacon

Adventures and Tales

Pan Am Bound Teresa Finnerty
The Story of Drew and Sheba Drew Henderson
Rocky Mountain Adventure Marg Murray
The Legend of Phoenix Di Regendanz
Rider Profiles Di Regendanz

Appreciations & Philosophical Rambles

OCTRA - A Great Club Lynda Townsend
An Appreciation of the Pit Crews at the 2001 North Wind Challenge Carol Renton
Volunteers Bill Thomas
Aprilfest--The Workers Point of View Carol McIsaac
A Cautionary Tale Carol Claridge
Food For Thought Sheena McKeegan
To Finish is To Win Carol McIsaac

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