Ride Photos

We've added some new photos to the slideshow above. They are courtesy of Wendy Webb Photography. You can browse through and order print or digital copies of these images and many more photos by Wendy Webb (and others).

The Pulse

Sarah Cuthbertson has decided to step down from the position of Pulse Editor after years of keeping our membership informed of all our comings and goings and items of interest to all. The Board and the entire membership thank Sarah for her contributions and wish her the best in her future endeavours. Thank you Sarah!

Helen McMaster

It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of Helen McMaster this morning at home. She was diagnosed with cancer just over a year ago. On May 29th her horse Magic was trailered to their home in Belleville and my sisters and I had a great visit with Helen and Larry and their family as Magic wandered around their back yard. We have spent many hours riding together over the years dating back to the 1960's or just talking horses for hours.

Endurance Canda Meeting April 23

We are trying to communicate more effectively across Canada. So Endurance Canada will from now on be releasing a condensed version of our meetings for all to read. Deborah McBride and Bob Gielen are you Ontario Reps. We appreciate all input from our members. We are representing OCTRA!

In attendance: Wendy MacCoubrey, DianeTrundle, Terre O’Brennan, Elaine Bessuille, Deb McBride, Sylvie Gillies, Angela Lavallee, Wendy Gayfer
Apologies: Lynn Wallden, Bob Gielen, Daphne Richard, Colleen DeVry, Jaye Yavis


Square Reader – Credit card payments for Ride managers, coaches, or anyone who might want to take payments “off the grid”

I have noticed in the past year or so that more ride managers are starting to offer digital payments for rides. These have included e-transfers in advance up to PayPal purchases on the ride website. Since I have spent the last year building my small business to fundraise for the Mongol Derby, I thought I should share one of my favorite findings with ride managers, and really anyone who sells things away from your standard brick and mortar store.


By Bob Coleman

Some of you may have noticed that the Breed Award for High Point Egyptian Arabian has been changed for 2014 to be High Point Al Khamsa Arabian. This seems to have caused some confusion with some of the membership as the term Al Khamsa is not well known to many Arabian owners. With this article I hope to be able to clarify the terminology.

Esau Lewin

A very sad announcement for all of us. Esau Lewin passed away on Saturday. Esau was one of our core volunteers, and was a genuinely kind, cheerful, and gracious man. He has served as OCTRA president, ride manager, head of the Canadian Championships OC, trailmaster, and in many other ways. He will be greatly missed.

Services will be at:
Drury Funeral Centre
519 Victoria Street East
Alliston, ON

AGM Resolutions

By now you should have received you AGM Notice in the mail. There is a link, in that letter pointing to the resolutions but if you're like me, you can't find it when you want it.

So here it is for your reference:

Keep warm,

Award Nominations

Here is a list of the Nominees for 2014 Awards

Rookie Worker
Sharon Anderegg
Peter Cadoret
Veronica Canadien
Pat Rice-Kuffner
Kelsa Staffa

Pit Crew of the Year
Nancy, Mykala, Monica Schjott, and Janet McDaniel
Red Shirts (Brenda Harrison's crew)
Charlotte Tremblay

Junior Horsemanship/Sportsmanship
Hailey Crockett
Stephanie McLeod
Charlotte Tremblay


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