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Ontario Competitive Trail Riding Association

2017 Gold Level Set Speed Rankings

Ribbons presented to top THREE horses at year end awards.

7 OCTRA Horses found (click on name for full results)

RankHorseBreedOwnerMileagePointsBC PointsTotal Points
1Duro Arabian Susan Timbers 268 miles 319.225
2Ace's Night Hawk Saddlebred Jolanda Slik 125 miles 143.75
3Barts Royal Ore Arabian Julie Phair 50 miles 60
4Cricklewood Arabian x Trakehner Sarah Cuthbertson 50 miles 56.875
5Belesemo Extreme Arabian Lysane Cree 50 miles 51.875
6Amber Kiera Arabian Dessia Miller 26 miles 31.85
7Schakka Khan Arabian Kim Woolley 25 miles 25.625

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